30 March 2018

On-line drippes – Capillar system™

Capillar System™ is a method for localized irrigation, developed by Irritec to be used for nurseries, protected crops and greenhouses. The system consists of a polyethylene pipe and a capillary. The laminar flow that is generated, due to the very small diameters, allows to obtain a constant flow rate relative to the length of the capillary and to the working pressure used.
Capillar System | DSV & DHS | NDN/NDC/DIS/DSH/DNA/SNA
30 March 2018

On-line drippes – iDrop®

The iDrop® line consists of turbulent flow on-line drippers suitable for orchards, vineyards, nurseries and greenhouses and for all the situations requiring minimum flow variations. The turbulent flow of the labyrinth makes the iDrop® line plug resistant and for this reason it requires very little maintenance.
iDrop Normal | iDrop PC | iDrop light PC | K-Drop System |
30 March 2018

Classic dripline with pressure compensating

The classic dripline with pressure compensating is the ideal irrigation solution for multi-seasonal crops and it is suitable for sloping land and irregular topography. The particular design of the dripper allows the effective pressure compensation within a very wide range.
Multibar C | Multibar F | Multibar C Rootguard