30 March 2018

Y filters

Irritec® filters allow the best filtering protection for any irrigation system. Their simple and safe frame, the result of an accurate construction technology, minimizes the need for maintenance. These filters can withstand pressure changes and external stress, and their main feature is the strong and flexible filtering element.
30 March 2018

Layflat – Laterals – Micropipes

PVC reinforced pipe with a high resistence fabric screen. It can be easily carried. Very handy, light and flexible, it strongly reduces the installation and collection time. Easy to cut and to connect, it can be punched to insert fittings with no infiltration risk (one wall). Suitable for temporary connections and for lines which must be moved frequently.
Flexiflat | Layflat | Laterals and Micropipes
30 March 2018

On-line drippes – iDrop®

The iDrop® line consists of turbulent flow on-line drippers suitable for orchards, vineyards, nurseries and greenhouses and for all the situations requiring minimum flow variations. The turbulent flow of the labyrinth makes the iDrop® line plug resistant and for this reason it requires very little maintenance.
iDrop Normal | iDrop PC | iDrop light PC | K-Drop System |
30 March 2018

Classic dripline with pressure compensating

The classic dripline with pressure compensating is the ideal irrigation solution for multi-seasonal crops and it is suitable for sloping land and irregular topography. The particular design of the dripper allows the effective pressure compensation within a very wide range.
Multibar C | Multibar F | Multibar C Rootguard
30 March 2018

Classic dripline with cylindrical dripper

The classic dripline with cylindrical dripper is characterized by an output with four opposite drip holes that prevent the intake of impurities and simplify the installation. The dripper is provided with an inlet filter which reduces the risk of occlusion due to “hard” water “.
Tandem | Junior
30 March 2018

Classic dripline with flat dripper

The classic dripline with flat dripper is ideal for orchards and perfect in case of multi-seasonal crops. Available with a compact dripper, with low head losses , beneficial to uniformity and the maximum length, and with a bigger dripper with a long labyrinth path which allows better pressure control.
D5 / M5 | D7 / M7