19 June 2023

Hydrocyclones and pre-filters

Irritec hydrocyclone filters are ideal for the pre-treatment of irrigation water from wells with a considerable amount of suspended sand. Used for agricultural and residential applications, they are characterized by a strong, thick metal construction and compact assembly. Irritec also offers a self-cleaning pre-filtration system for surface water with algae and other coarse solids problems, to be installed in the pumping system suction.
EIV metal hydrocyclone | HFP plastic hydrocyclone | EJP self-cleaning filter
11 June 2021

Hydraulic Valves and Meters – Raphael by Talis

The Irritec Group, a leading company in the field of precision irrigation, is pleased to announce a commercial partnership with Raphael by Talis, an innovative international manufacturer of irrigation control valves based in Israel. Thanks to this partnership, the Irritec Group will distribute Raphael by Talis products in agricultural precision irrigation and automation markets. For more information please click here. Metal hydraulic valves | Metal hydraulic valves ES | Plastic hydraulic valves | Plastic hydraulic valves ES | Reflush valves for filter backwash | Metal valves for mining | Plastic valves for mining | Water meters | Ultrasonic meter | Pressure reducing pilot | Universal pilot
17 March 2021

Automatic injection systems

IRRITEC® fertigation systems combine practicality and reliability with a modern injection system of nutrient solutions. The management of the fertilizer is regulated by simple fertigation recipes that can be set according to the agronomical/nutritional needs of the crops.
Commander NPK® | Schema KTB® | Shaker Set® | Shaker Pro™ | DosaBox® Junior | DosaBox® Junior automatico | Ferticlick® | Dosabox Junior Advanced
17 March 2021

Data collection tools in the field

Analyzing the data from an Irritec agricultural weather stations allows you to identify the water content of the soil, plan irrigation schedules, and prevent fungal diseases by optimizing the programming and timing of agronomic processes. The complete monitoring of environmental parameters supports the implementation of targeted, less expensive and more effective agronomic strategies for the best yield and quality of each crop. Agro-weather solutions