Growing hot pepper plants is not trivial, because if on the one hand – they manage to take root quickly, on the other they require constant care.

Of course, a lot also depends on the variety of chilli, in the environment in which the plants are located, but it is often the action of those who grow them that makes the difference.

Among the factors that have the greatest impact on the evolution of a pepper crop is the temperature, the light, the type of soil and its fertilization and of course the irrigation.

In particular, the presence of light and heat are fundamental elements for obtaining spicy and pleasant-looking peppers.

Enviroment and climate requirements 

The temperature of the environment in which the chili pepper is grown is a fundamental element for the growth and good fruiting of the plant; to understand its importance, just remember that the content of capsaicinoids that determine the level of spiciness of the final fruit increases with increasing temperature.

Specifically, a pepper grown in an area with temperatures of 29-30 °C will be hotter than one grown at a temperature of 23-25°C.

Furthermore, it should be remembered that changes in temperature affect the final appearance of the fruit: a reduction in degrees centigrade, in fact, helps to make the chilli more elongated and pointed. In short, the ideal environment for chili peppers to grow and ripen is quite hot.

Fertigation and irrigation for chili peppers

The chili pepper plant fears water stress; it must always be remembered that stagnant water damages the plants, while an insufficient amount of water compromises the quality and quantity of the harvest.

In cases in which the water shortage continues over time, there is a fall in flowers and berries, but also irreversible damage to the plant.

Furthermore, a soil that is too dry prevents the absorption of phosphorus and potassium, which are essential in order to ensure proper nourishment for the plant.

It is good to know that initial fertilization is very important, when the plant is provided with the ideal supply of nutrients to be able to grow. However, by using fertilizer products and boosters, the plant will grow faster and develop much better than plants grown without.

If, on the other hand, you decide to opt for a greenhouse cultivation in pot or on inert soil, it will be necessary to guarantee the plant the right supply of nutrients in all stages of growth.

The basic fertilization must be done in autumn, burying about 3-4 kg of manure per square meter. For each kg of product: Nitrogen (N): 5.3 g Phosphorus (P2O5): 5.6 g Potassium (K2O): 8.1g Calcium (CaO): 3.1 g, on soilless or inert crops fertigation with KPK complex fertilizers is preferred to be administered in water-soluble form through the irrigation system.

Irrigation System

The irrigation system on a pepper crop in the open field involves the use of seasonal driplines of the irritec-tape or P1 type to be installed under the mulching plastic film.

The micro-flow delivery of the drip system allows the pepper crop to remain in a controlled water stress regime, developing, thanks to the propitious climatic factors, flavonoids and carotinoids that distinguish its typical color, and capsicin which instead distinguishes the unmistakable spiciness.

In specialized potted or inert plants, under greenhouses, they are irrigated with rain wings equipped with on-line drippers of the i drop or idrop jr type.

In any case, the filters are necessary for the correct dispensing of the dripper lines used over time, it is also necessary, especially if you prefer the greenhouse solution (soilless), to equip yourself with an injection device of at least two complex fertilizers and an acid like the dosabox jr automatic fertigation systems.

Chili peppers growing - Irrigation System Irritec

A practical example of how to drip irrigate chili peppers:

Irrigation System Chili peppers Irritec Design

Here are the Irritec products you need to drip irrigate chili peppers



High-quality hoses with turbulent flow dripper designed for open-field irrigation Easy to lay and install, they have excellent occlusion resistance. Available in various models, covering long lengths with maximum uniformity of delivery.
K- Drop System is a pre-assembled kit consisting of iDrop drippers, cigar drippers and micro tubes, and is available in various diameters. It is ideal for irrigating crops in greenhouses or in pots: the answer to the needs of soilless irrigation

P1, Irritec Tape driplines and K-DROP System for Chili Peppers



Tubazione monostrato in PVC flessibile rinforzato da un tessuto ad alta resistenza facile da maneggiare e riporre in magazzino. Agevola le operazioni di fine stagione per sistemi irrigui che necessitano di un rapido e sicuro spostamento. Leggero e flessibile ma allo stesso tempo resistente riduce sia i costi dell’installazione che il tempo di recupero. Facile da tagliare e dotato di un ampia gamma di connessioni fa del sistema di tubazioni in layflat un accessorio indispensabile per l’irrigazione del pomodoro a goccia. Disponibile da 2.4 a 6 bar, In tutti i diametri commerciali a partire dal 1 1/2” sino all’ 8”.

Irrigation Pipes for chili peppers Irritec



Il tubo Bassa Densità tipo irrigazione è prodotto con impianti di ultima generazione, utilizzando resine speciali selezionate, altamente resistenti agli agenti chimici e atmosferici. Per le caratteristiche di elevata resistenza allo stress meccanico è particolarmente indicato per derivazioni laterali e sopporta ottimamente le deformazioni provocate dal montaggio di innesti portagomma. La linea di raccordi a compressione Connecto™ per il convogliamento di fluidi in pressione, particolarmente indicata per impianti di irrigazione e giardinaggio, si distingue per la grande velocità e semplicità di montaggio.

Pipelines irrigation for chili peppers irritec



Irritec® metal filters are robust and durable. They can manage a wide range of flow rates. Manual or automatic models are available for canal and well water applications.

Irrigation filters Chili Peppers Irritec



Irritec® fertigation systems combine practicality and reliability with a modern nutrient injection system. Fertiliser management is regulated by simple fertigation recipes that can be set according to agronomic and nutritional requirements. Proper water management, which is essential to deliver the right nutrition to the plants, is ensured by years of experience in sizing machines and equipment, and the use of reliable and certified materials.

Fertigation System Chili Peppers Irritec

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