Water requirements

The irrigation of the common hazel tree aims at the restitution of the water quantity evotranspirated from the plant, to avoid serious water stress. The hazel crop requires about 800 mm of rain during the season. T

he maintenance of a controlled water stress improves production, for example by reducing the amount of empty shells by the 20/25% compared to the traditional non-irrigated systems.

Filtration System

The system that will take care of filtering the water destined for drip irrigation must be differentiated according to the origin of the water. Generally:

• for waters coming from reservoirs, lakes or open watercourses, we recommend  grit filters with automatic backwash with appropriate safety filters (mesh or discs) sized for the system range;
• for water coming from wells with a high quantity of sand, we recommend hydrocyclone filters equipped with suitable safety filters (mesh or discs) sized to the system capacity.

NOTE: the sizing of any filtration system cannot ignore a careful physical/chemical evaluation of the water.

Irrigation System for Hazelnut Trees 

The most efficient irrigation system on the hazel crop is the impianto goccia a goccia, which is achieved by placing a single dripline in the interfilare (per sesto 6×6 to three meters from the trunk… about 1666 linear meters of driplines to hectare).

In mechanized systems where such superficial driplines represent an agronomic tare, as they would obstruct the automatic collection of hazelnuts, the driplines could be placed underground (in sub-irrigation) to a depth between 30 and 35 cm.

And a distance of 2.5-3 meters from the trunk. This technique (now tried and tested) increases the performance of drip irrigation, minimizing waste of water and fertilizers.

The subirrigation (on new systems) should be used with the help of a superficial rescue irrigation system for the first two years of life of the hazel orchard, allowing the young root to adequately free itself in the first two years of life.

The driplines used, due to the incline of the soil in which the hazel orchard are usually implanted, will be the self-compensating type, and their multi-year duration will ensure that the system remains functional throughout the useful life of the arboretum.

We recommend using:
Multibar, Multibar D.S., PCF D.S.
In case of subirrigation, the use of the system Rootguard is recommended.

Automation and Fertigation

The irrigation system must, together with the water, enrich the soil with NPK substances which are fundamental for the development and fruiting of the plants.

The injection of nutrients in the appropriate doses, will be subject to an analysis of the soil and, not less important, of the source of water.

However the plant must be equipped with a system capable of proportionately inject the three elements mentioned above (NPK) and not less important, be able to evaluate the chemical nature of water in terms of pH and EC (electrical conductivity) reaction to prevent risks related to adverse reactions.

For a correct management of the irrigation shifts, the provided volumes and for minimize management costs, we recommend to equip the plant with the minimum management automation: solenoid valves, water counter and monitoring tools useful for evaluating the real water stress of the crop.

Hazelnut growing Irrigation System Irritec

A practical example of how to drip irrigate hazelnut trees:

Irrigation System Hazelnut Irritec

Here are the Irritec products you need to drip irrigate hazelnut



The characteristics of pressure-compensating dripper Multibar make it the ideal product to be installed in areas with big slopes and where longer lines are required with uniform flow-rate in each system point and precise delivery of water typical of vintage crops.

Driplines for Hazelnut trees - Multibar Irritec



The Connecto™ line of compression fittings for the conveyance of pressurized fluids, recommended for irrigation and gardening systems, is particularly easy and quick to install.

Pipes for irrigation Hazelnut trees - Irritec



Irritec® metal filters are solid and durable. They can manage a wide range of flow-rates. Manual or automatic versions available for canal and well water.

Filters for irrigation: Hazelnut Trees - Irritec



Irritec® injection systems are reliable and user-friendly. They can inject fertilizers (liquid or diluted in water) at injection rates between 150 l/h and 1700 l/h (depending on the model).

Fertigation System for Hazelnut trees - Irritec



Complete range for the connection of drip tapes, light and classic driplines, available in 16, 20, 22, 23, 25 and 29 mm.


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