Water requirements of kiwi trees

The kiwi tree – technically called actinidia – is native to the Yang-Tze valley in China, where it still lives spontaneously. Currently, several cultivars belonging to 3 species are used for cultivation, green pulp actinidia deliciosa, yellow pulp actinidia chinensis, red pulp actinidia arguta. A fundamental aspect to consider is the high water requirement of actinidia, which can reach, in certain environments, even 10,000 m3 / hectare / year.

Irrigation is a fundamental practice to obtain good quality and quantity yield and must therefore be implemented in such a way as to maximize its efficiency. One of the factors that can limit development, even in the most suitable areas, is pH above 7.6, which causes chlorosis phenomena.

The Acid injectionby fertigation is a popular practice that can improve the qualitative development of the fruit. Fertilization is an aspect of considerable importance in the cultivation of actinidia. The need for nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is modest, so it is recommended to use modern fertigation systems that optimize the injection of fertilizers.

The most commonly used irrigation systems are sprinklers, drip irrigation and sprayers.

Irrigation is a fundamental practice to obtain good quality and quantity yield and must therefore be implemented in such a way as to maximize its efficiency.

How to water kiwi trees: drip irrigation

Water and minerals are conveyed by localized irrigation systems including cutting-edge normal or pressure-compensating emitters, characterized by excellent performance (very low CV).

IRRITEC offers the cylindric Multibar dripline for sloping ground or Tandem for flat ground. The average amount of dripline used is 2500 m per hectare. Usually the dripline is lifted and connected to the tutoring structures of the actinidia plant. Dripper spacing 30/40 cm depending on the soil texture with a variable flow rate from 1.5 to 2 liters per hour.

Automatic disk or sand filters necessary to protect drip irrigation systems against occlusions that limit the supplied flow rate.


The use of a double irrigation system has been used for some years now. The drip system is used for irrigation purposes and minisprinklers are used as air-conditioning irrigation, especially for the control of frosts. The latter is made with small IRRITEC ID700 vibrating mini-sprinkler, one per plant (from 70/80 liters/ hour) that uniformly wet the ground (better if grassed) releasing exothermic energy in the form of heat of about 2 ° C ° uniform up to a height of 1.50 cm.


A fertigation system is needed with proportional control of the injection of fertilizers and acid. It is also advisable to monitor the pH and EC values with in-line probes for protection against the salinity peaks of groundwater or particular pH imbalances.

IRRITEC developed a proportional fertilizer with double formula (Green / Yellow) designed for farms that cultivate the two different varieties on the same soil. These machines, besides the proportional injection and the control of the pH and EC values are user-friendly and have become essential accessories for quality kiwifruit farming.

A practical example of how to drip irrigate kiwi trees:

Kiwi - Irrigation system design Irritec

Here are the Irritec products you need to drip irrigate kiwi trees



The characteristics of the self-compensating dripper make of Multibar® an ideal product for installations in areas with large unevenness of the terrain, where line lengths are required very high and constant flow rates in each portion of the system e high dispensing precision typical of prized crops.

Multibar for kiwi - Dripline Irritec



Single-layer flexible PVC tubing reinforced by a fabric ad high resistance, easy to handle and store. Facilitates end-of-season operations for irrigation systems that require a quick and safe movement. Lightweight and flexible but at the same weather resistant reduces both installation costs and time recovery. Easy to cut and equipped with a wide range of connections make the lay flat piping system an accessory essential for drip irrigation of tomatoes. Available from 2.4 at 6 bars, in all commercial diameters starting from 1 1/2 “up to 8”.

Pipes for irrigation - Kiwi - Irritec



Irritec® metal filters are solid and resistant over time. Can handle a large variety of courses. Templates are available manual or automatic for applications on both channel water and on well waters.

Filtration System Kiwi



Irritec® injection systems are reliable and easy to use. They allow you to inject fertilizers (liquid or diluted in water) a injection rates between 150 l / h and 1700 l / h (depending on the models).

Fertigation System Kiwi Trees - Irritec



Complete range for tape connection, light dripline and classic, available in sizes 16, 20, 22, 23, 25 and 29 mm.


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