Drip and micro irrigation systems. Classic and light driplines, with cylindric and flat dripper, on line dripper and pre assembled kit, ideal for greenhouses.

The purpose of these products is to give the right amount of water to each individual crop, ensuring the correct supply of nutrients in the correct times and doses. Ideal both in open fields and in greenhouses, Irritec drip irrigation products are the right solution for any type of crop, suitable for orchards, vineyards, horticultural crops, greenhouses and for all those situations where precise flow is required.

In this section are included: Light dripline with continuous labyrinth, Light dripline with flat dripper, Classic dripline with flat dripper, Classic dripline with cylindric dripper, Classic dripline with pressure-compensating cylindrical dripper, Classic dripline with pressure-compensating flat dripper, Classic pressure-compensating dripline for subsurface irrigation – Rootguard™, On line Drippers , Pre assembled systems for greenhouses, Stakes, Capillar Systems, Micro fittings, Hooks and accessories, Dripline cleaning and maintance.

Products manufactures to guarantee the maximum efficiency with the least environmental impact.

Here are the benefits of drip irrigation


Water savings of up to 50%

✔ Uniform irrigation, for all types of soil

Increased production from 20 to 90%

Fertilizer savings through fertigation

✔ Less reliance on weather conditions

Find out which crops you can drip irrigate

Suitable for many types of plants, Irritec drip lines (hoses) and drippers guarantee reliability and precision on all soils.

Discover Irritec’s advice and the products adapted to individual crops.