Irritec filters allow to have the best filter protection for every irrigation system. The simple and safe structure, result of careful building technology, reduce the need for maintenance. Resistant to pressure changes and external stresses, Irritec filters are characterized by a robust and flexible filter element.

The hydraulic capacity is ensured even at high pressures and the filter elements guarantee maximum filtration efficiency. The variety of filtration grades available is able to satisfy all filtering needs.

This product section includes: Plastic Filters – Y, Plastic Filters – Rotofilters™, Plastic Filters – Rotofilters™ Twin, Plastic Filters – Rotodisk® Automatic, Metal Filters, Metal Filters – Screen Filters, Metal filters – Sand filters, Metal Filters – Scan Filter, Plastic hydrocyclones, Metal hydrocyclones, Pre-filters, Automation Kit, Filters Accessories.

Products manufactures to guarantee the maximum efficiency with the least environmental impact.