EDP Talk – 11 NOV – 11:00(GMT+1) – Sustainability in agriculture: models and experiences

Wednesday 11 November 2020 – 11:00 GMT + 1

Sustainability in agriculture: models and experiences

Growing sustainably means meeting the current food needs of society, without compromising the capacity of current or future generations.

Irritec works to offer increasingly sustainable solutions through technology and commitment at every level of its value chain.

Through micro-irrigation projects and related training activities, Irritec brings to the field and transfers specific skills, with the aim of increasingly spreading environmental awareness with particular attention to the culture of water saving.

The training session will be an opportunity to discuss models and experiences related to the theme of sustainability in agriculture with distinguished guests.



  • Giulia Giuffre – Marketing Director of the Irritec Group

Irritec: the experience of sustainable irrigation

  • Philippe Lejeune – Irritec Group Sales Director

Irritec: novelty and innovation

  • Linda Carobbi – Director of Savino Del Bene SpA and co-founding partner Assoc. National Donne dell’Ortofrutta and EU President of Global Women Fresh

Networking for women in the Agriculture sector

  • Nuccia Alboni – Head of Administration and Marketing Orto Natura Melanzì and co-founder member Assoc. Donne ddell’Ortofrutta

Melanzì: agricultural entrepreneurship with an eye on sustainability

  • Daniela Bernacchi – Secretary-General of Global Compact Network Italy