Giulia Giuffrè (Irritec Group): Global Compact Network Italy SDG Pioneer 2020

Giulia Giuffrè, Group Marketing Director and Sustainability Ambassador Irritec, is the 2020 SDG Pioneer Italy.

Giulia Giuffrè has been rewarded for her first-hand commitment both for the integration of the SDGs as a highly strategic business element, with a consequent adaptation for sustainability of processes and operations, and for the promotion of the Global Compact initiative and its values inside and outside the organization.

One important project, that she personally coordinated is Agri-Lab, a “traveling laboratory” designed for emerging countries which aims to promote the culture of water saving in agriculture. In addition to this, Giuffrè is particularly committed to the issues regarding female entrepreneurship: since 2020 she has been part of the “Donne dell’Ortofrutta” association and received the “DonnaAttiva2020” award in Palermo for her “ability to combine work ethic and solid family traditions with technological innovations as a driving force for development of the whole territory and co-promoter of social well-being “. For the second consecutive year, the Global Compact Network Italia has participated in the local round of the “SDG Pioneers” global competition, promoted by the UN Global Compact Office to identify and reward business leaders active in companies adhering to the UN project, who have distinguished themselves for an exceptional commitment to the SDGs. In this extraordinary and difficult year, the campaign has taken on an even more significant meaning, since the idea that the efforts of the private sector for the advancement of the 2030 Agenda must show an immediate acceleration considering that we have just ten years left and that the Covid-19 pandemic risks making the whole world take dramatic steps backwards.

“We are very pleased that the qualified Jury has identified Giulia as the 2020 SDG Pioneer in Italy. Again, this year a young woman stands out for the energy she dedicates, together with her company, to the pursuit of the 2030 Agenda and in particular to the efficient management of water resources, which we know to be one of the main challenges we are called to deal with, especially in emerging countries. We hope that this award will give her even more motivation to spread the culture of sustainable innovation in Italy and around the world, with increasingly efficient, durable and circular products. ” – with these words Marco Frey, President of the Global Compact Network Italy commented on the presentation of the award.

In receiving it, Giulia Giuffrè said: “Inspired by a mission that has deep roots, through precision irrigation we go out into the field for a virtuous ecosystem, sharing a model of sustainable agriculture. Our commitment has led us to join the United Nations Global Compact program, which allows us to be part of an international network with which we share experiences and projects. Together we can pursue the goals of sustainable development, protecting resources, the planet and the quality of life of people”.

As winner of the national round, Giulia Giuffrè will participate – starting from January 2021 and together with other candidates from all over the world – in the global competition for the title of UN Global Compact SDG Pioneer 2020. The international award ceremony will take place during the UNGC Leaders’ Summit in July 2021.