Irritec becomes a Benefit Corporation

Irritec, a Sicilian company one of the world leaders in precision irrigation, announces a new important achievement in 2022, as part of its path of growth and sustainability, changing its bylaws to become a Benefit Corporation. The decision to adopt this legal system is a confirmation of its commitment to the promotion of values related to the issues of economic, social and environmental sustainability, in the field of agriculture and green areas.

The transition to a Benefit Corporation is an important step on a path of continuous evolution, which Irritec has been pursuing since its origins: our goal is to be a ‘positive energy’ for the territory, promoting a conscious way of doing business and generating a positive impact on society and the environment. We could not have achieved this result without the important network that surrounds us: customers, suppliers and partners acting synergistically to achieve common benefit“- said Giulia Giuffrè, Irritec Board Member and Sustainability Ambassador, in 2021 also nominated SDG Pioneer for sustainable water management by the United Nations Global Compact. – “Being officially a Benefit Corporation means, therefore, continuing an active pursuit of common benefit, a key element of our action. An activity that we carry out in line with the Agenda 2030 sustainable development principles, promoted by the United Nations Global Compact, to which we have chosen to adhere.”

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