Irritec for World Water Day

On World Water Day 2024, for which the United Nations has chosen the theme “Water for Peace”, Irritec renews its commitment to the responsible management of this extremely precious resource.
Each day we work in this direction through our technologies, starting from the agricultural sector, which consumes over 70% of all fresh water. The application of precision irrigation systems is essential for increasingly sustainable and productive agriculture, as it guarantees water savings of up to 50% and an increase in production from 20 to 90%.
According to the data from our latest Sustainability Report, Irritec projects, products and technologies have led to savings of 589,387,433 cubic meters of water, 8,537,726 kW of energy, 69,291 tonnes of fertilizers and 247,452 tonnes of CO2 emissions.
Irritec systems together with the sharing of know-how and environmental awareness, have been and will be fundamental to improving production techniques, the quality and quantity of crops, and optimizing the resources available to each community. In fact, we are certain with better management of water resources, we can work together and make even stronger bonds.