Meet “Growing together, watering better”: Irritec’s new bi-monthly newsletter for experts and enthusiasts in the field

“Growing together, watering better” is Irritec’s new newsletter designed to help experts and enthusiasts in the field to discover the perfect sustainable solutions for the irrigation of the best-known crops in agriculture.

A bi-monthly appointment that brings together all the experience of our best qualified Irritec agronomists in the field of micro-irrigation, alongside the latest curiosities and market trends. The ideal tool to gain insight on the best techniques used in agriculture and irrigation for the crops that are protagonists of Irritec’s agronomic calendar.

For more than 45 years, Irritec has supported all those who cultivate the land with passion and works to promote a sustainable model, optimizing the use of water resources and improving yield through modern and efficient solutions.

In the newsletter you will find complete and free downloadable toolkits.