Irritec irrigation systems represent the solution for a substantial reduction of water consumption in agriculture ensuring increased irrigation efficiency.

IRRITEC irrigation systems guarantee the maximum efficiency with the least environmental impact and at reasonable prices. This makes life easier for those who take care of the plants, for work and for passion, ensuring that every drop is spent as well as possible, minimizing the ecological footprint and ensuring a proper nutritional supply to the crops.

Products manufactured to guarantee water saving and irrigation efficiency.

Irritec core business is: implementing increasingly efficient solutions for the optimization of water resources and manufacturing processes in the irrigation sector. For over 40 years now Irritec has been designing, manufacturing and selling innovative irrigation products guaranteeing maximum water efficiency.

Project designed to guarantee maximum growth of every single crop

Irritec does not only manufacture items to be placed on the market, but real irrigation projects and systems all over the world; through training and technical assistance Irritec transmits to its customers a complete know how, promoting and spreading the culture of water saving. From product to application, from technical and agronomic consulting to field support: Irritec is a reference point for irrigation projects and systems all over the world.