Irritec manufactures a complete range of pipes and fittings applicable to the waterworks sector.
Irritec 40-year experience in the manufacturing of coextruded irrigation systems make possible improve solutions for agriculture sector associate with development and manufacturing of piping systems for the sanitary, industrial, gas and heating sectors.
PVC pipes and fittings are among the most common hydrothermal sanitary components, making Irritec ones particularly suitable for use in applications such as drains and construction is the high resistance, ease of assembly and the wide range of sections and formats.
Employed in sanitary water systems, heating and air conditioning, they can come into contact with lime or cement without resorting thanks to special protections.

Irritec manufactures:

  • PE and PP fittings for the transport of high pressure fluids and for applications in the water sector, in the distribution of drinking water and for applications in the plumbing and heating sector
  • PE PIPES 100 – SIGMA 80 for drinking water and pressurized food liquids.
  • PE PIPES 80 – SIGMA 63 for drinking water and food liquids under pressure
  • PE PIPES 80 for distribution by buried pipelines of pressurized gases
  • Bracket sockets line is suitable for conveying food fluids because the materials used comply with current national and international regulations.